We provide the gamut of domain name registration services, having partnered with an ICANN accredited registrar. We have a reseller account and therefore can offer competitive near-wholesale pricing on domain names because we're not in it to make a profit — we're here to serve you. Shhhh! Don't let the secret out too far.

Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Registration

Your domain name is your identity on the internet so we recommend choosing a domain wisely. As a general rule, it should be easy to recall and it should reflect your main business purpose so that people can find you easily on the Internet. By choosing us as your domain name registrar, you are choosing a highly reputable and reliable partner. Each domain name registration comes with the following features:


DNS Features

We provide a set of DNS servers spread across the US and Europe to deliver highly reliable DNS services to everyone.

  • URL Forwarding

    Redirect your domain visitors to any URL or website of your choice. You can cloak the URL to hide the destination.
  • E-mail Forwarding

    Create and redirect @yourdomain.tld email addresses to other email accounts of your choice.
  • Reliable DNS Servers

    Modify record types like A address, MX, MXE, CNAME and TXT in real time and at no extra cost.
  • Dynamic DNS

    Takes care of a dynamically changing IP address and keeps your site running without downtime.

Security Features

Your domain's security is our top priority. Our registar has several security features that you can set to keep your domain safe and avoid disruptions in service.

  • Grant Modification Rights

    Retain full control of the domain while granting access just to certain domain editing features to your customers or co-workers.
  • Registrar Lock

    Stops unauthorized domain transfers to some other registrar. You can enable/disable this option anytime you want.
  • WhoisGuard Privacy Protect

    Through our partnership with WhoisGuard, keep your contact details safe by subscribing to privacy protection services.
  • Security Notifications

    Configure your account to send email notices when any change is made to your domain settings.

Domain Name Transfers

Domain Name Transfers are easier than you think

Please don't think you're stuck with your old registrar. Hate their defiling advertising? Tired of being treated like another number? Moving to a new registrar is a fairly straightforward process that just takes a couple of steps. It can be accomplished in only a few minutes and only takes a matter of hours to complete. Plus, you don't lose any of your registration period that you've already paid for. Transferring simply adds an additional year to your registration period. Transfers are priced competitively at a flat $10 + a small ICANN fee.

SSL Certificates

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Comodo SSL Certificates

Comodo is well-known for ensuring Identity Trust & Assurance on the Internet. A Comodo certificate issued to yourdomain.com is also valid for www.yourdomain.com.

The type of certificate you need depends a lot about the amount of traffic your site handles each day. Choose a domain validated certificate if you have limited web traffic and choose a fully validated or extended validated certificate for establishing more trust. Comodo PositiveSSL certificates start at just $9.00 per year.


  • Secures single domain
  • Domain validation
  • No paperwork
  • Low assurance
  • 128/256 bit encryption
  • 99.3% browser compatibility
  • $10,000 Warranty


* An ICANN fee of 18¢ is applicable for each year of .com and .net domain registration/ transfer. The ICANN fee is a mandatory yearly fee charged by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers for the following domains: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info. We absorb the costs of the ICANN fee on all domains except .com and .net.